Best Bluetooth adapters for PC – Opinions and Analysis in 2020

Bluetooth Adapter for PC

In this article Gadgets Lookup  is going to guide you and tell you about Best Bluetooth Adapters for PC, which you can buy in 2020.

Do you hate cable traffic on your desktop? So, you need to connect from head to toe. How is it possible for you to say?

Well, the answer is simple

Best USB Bluetooth adapters for PC

It is a USB security device that connects to your PC or laptop if you no longer have a built-in Bluetooth device. And from there you can connect wireless to your keyboard, mouse and printer without wires. Leaving you and your desk without wires.

On this page, we will offer you a COMPLETE guide on Bluetooth adapters for PC Windows 10 and other versions of Windows.

Bluetooth, a high-frequency wireless technology, allows devices to communicate with each other over short distances. The USB Bluetooth adapters are small and inexpensive devices. Thanks to the “plug & play” technology, all you have to do is plug the Bluetooth adapter into a USB port and the adapter does the rest of the work of pairing the device.

Features and Benefits of using a Bluetooth adapter

There are many reasons why you may need a Bluetooth adapter, Wireless printers, communication between Smartphone’s and PDAs, file transfer, network sharing and the use of a wireless keyboard and mouse are among the many things that can do with Bluetooth.

The implementation of a Bluetooth device is economical, supports a high data transfer rate and is very secure. Because Bluetooth technology uses a secure and unique protocol for each device, there is little interference concern even when many devices communicate at the same time. The only drawback of Bluetooth is its limited range, although the most expensive adapters can communicate effectively over 90 meters.

The best Bluetooth adapters for PC

A PC without a Bluetooth connection is no longer a problem. It is not necessary to spend a fortune on a new laptop, since you can choose one of the best Bluetooth adapters and save the money that cost you so much to earn. If you are facing any problem with wires while playing games on your computer then you must try Best Bluetooth adapters for PC Gaming. Today, the Bluetooth adapter is a must for owners of multiple wireless devices.

Nowadays it is common to see in the market and online technology stores computers that integrate Bluetooth as another feature. But it was not always the case, and if you are one of those who still use an old PC, having a Bluetooth adapter for PC becomes indispensable. With one of them you can pair your PC with Bluetooth peripherals to transfer files, data and all kinds of multimedia content, as well as play them.

Bluetooth adapter for PC USB 4.0 and 5.0

There are several versions of Bluetooth adapters, the best selling are 2.0 and 4.0. Bluetooth 2.0 only allows data, photos and videos to be transferred. In contrast, Bluetooth 4.0, which has been available in the market since 2010, allows synchronization of the computer with Bluetooth audio peripherals, such as speakers, headphones and other devices. Factor that version 2.0 does not allow.

Also, if you want to connect 2 or more devices at the same time, such as a keyboard, cell phone and headset, it will be essential that you have a Bluetooth adapter for a USB 4.0 PC. Why? Because that requires considerable data transfer speed and version 4.0 has 32 Mbps (the best there is so far).

Pros and cons of Bluetooth adapters

No product is perfect because there is always something that makes it not so perfect. These are some of the pros and cons of using Bluetooth technology.

  • Wireless at all times: the biggest advantage of Bluetooth technology is that it decreases the amount of long cables you may have to use with your devices. What it does without wires and its devices without the bunch of wires that come out of them. With the increase in the use of devices by us today, the need for an obstacle-free technology is becoming more popular. This also increases the mobility of the devices, where you don’t have to worry about carrying additional cables.
  • It is not necessary to have a clear line of sight: just like infrared technology, connected devices must face each other, but that is not the case here. Bluetooth devices should be close, but they should not be facing each other and nothing between them would interrupt the signal, even if the devices are in separate rooms.

  • Range: These Bluetooth adapters can offer a range of up to 100 meters, but that depends on their use, whether you want a greater or lesser range. As there are different classes of Bluetooth adapters for PC that offer a variety of ranges. And therefore, be responsible for making decisions of what kind to use.

  • Low charge lower battery consumption: low is the way to go with Bluetooth technology. Using Bluetooth requires very little power; this makes it an ideal tool for use in electronic devices. Using the Bluetooth adapter with laptops will be excellent due to the low power consumption option.

  • The best thing about Bluetooth is that it is free. How wonderful it feels when you receive a benefit and that without having to spend any penny out of your pocket. There would not be an additional invoice that you would have to add to your monthly budget, as you have to do for Wi-Fi or other services. There are some things in the world that are free and the use of Bluetooth is one of them!

  • Simplicity: the fact that everyone can discover how to connect two devices together via Bluetooth is one of the main reasons for its popularity. Simplicity and ease with which one can use the Bluetooth connection are one of its greatest advantages.

  • Security at the point: the data you transfer through Bluetooth is well protected. Other Bluetooth connections need your acceptance in order to connect to your device, allowing you to control who to share your files with.

  • Transfer speed: Although Bluetooth is cheap and can transfer data without difficulty, the Wi-Fi connection is giving you tough competition.

  • All Bluetooth: to connect your mouse, keyboard, tablet, etc. To your PC, you need to make sure that these devices are compatible with the Bluetooth connection. So, buying a mouse or keyboard that supports Bluetooth can be a bit expensive. But the investment is something unique and after that, you can enjoy a cheap wireless connection for a long time.

  • It is not very easy to use: it is very easy to use a Bluetooth connection once it is configured and configured. But the initial configuration can be very complex for some devices. Some Bluetooth devices such as the printer and keyboard may ask the user to access through an installation wizard or some may require the user to enter a command at the command prompt. But once everything is set up, that’s where the fun begins.

  • Insecurity: The Bluetooth connection is safe from hackers or data theft, but may face some interference from other Bluetooth devices. If you work where there are many Bluetooth users, then you can find the keyboard by typing words on someone else’s system. This can be a problem and, to avoid it, you should increase the distance between him and his desk.

What are the best Bluetooth PC adapters of 2020?

best bluetooth adapters for pc


Recommended Products

Product NameManufacturerPriceAvailability Buy
ZEXMTE CSR 4.0 Dongle USB bluetoothZEXMTEIn Stock
TP-Link UB400 Bluetooth USBTP LinkIn Stock
Ugreen bluetooth USB UG-30524UGREENIn Stock

Its biggest attraction is according to users, how tiny it is. It measures just 2 x 0.8 x 1.6 cm and weighs five grams.

It works with Bluetooth 4.0 and earlier versions. Its transfer speed is 3 MBps and the connection range is approximately ten meters.

The Bluetooth you use is low power, saving energy. This is very useful especially when the device is inserted into a laptop. Many users report problems in the installation of the device, since it does not contain enough drivers for operation.

Asus is recognized in the computer world for being at the forefront of technological development, which is why many customers consider it the best brand of Best USB Bluetooth adapters for PCs.

Bluetooth USB device CSR 4.0 Dongle supports connection and data transfer between computers and other Bluetooth-connected devices such as mobile phones, laptops, etc. This type of bluetooth USB allows connection distance between devices. Maximum of 20m.

TP-Link’s bluetooth USB line is compatible with previous Bluetooth, the range is about 10m. Operating systems that the device supports from Windows XP to Windows 10.

The fifth type of USB bluetooth for PC that Network Administrator would recommend to readers is USB bluetooth 4.0 Ugreen UG-30524. The device is still equipped with Blutooth 4.0 technology, the effective connection speed is about 10m.

The device is used for desktop or laptop computers, has a fast connection speed, a stable connection for data transfer between devices. Ugreen 30524 bluetooth USB USB device is designed with ABS plastic material for the most durability.


Factors to consider before buying a Bluetooth Adapter 

There are some things you should keep in mind before rushing to buy the best Bluetooth adapter for PC. These considerations include distance range, compatibility, pairing and class. (All of them discussed below in detail)

It is not necessary to be confused because these are only elegant words for something very simple.

  • Support for:

We all have a group of selective devices that we use more. Therefore, before buying the Bluetooth adapter, you should be careful to see if this adapter is compatible with the devices you can use with it. These devices can be of different categories, such as printers, keyboards, tablets, speakers, headphones, etc. So choose the adapter that would be worth showing off.


  • Compatibility:

It can be a user of Mac, Windows, Vista or any other system. But what you need to be careful is if the Bluetooth Adapter you are buying is compatible with the system you are using or not. It should not be the case if you spend your hard earned money on an adapter and then come home to discover that it is not compatible with the PC or laptop you are using. This is especially for Mac users because not all Bluetooth adapters work well with this system. So be careful and don’t give yourself an unpleasant surprise after buying your new adapter.


Another important thing to keep in mind is the version of the Bluetooth adapter that we are going to buy. Do not buy a Bluetooth adapter with a Bluetooth version below 4.0, as its quality will definitely disappoint you. Bluetooth v4.0 or higher technology provides more range, so you can connect devices that are further apart.

In addition to this, this version consumes less energy and that is the crucial point for laptops. Note that if your dongle has Bluetooth v4.0, it is also compatible with previous versions. This means that it can be connected to any other device with earlier versions of Bluetooth.

  • Bluetooth CLASS 1 OR 2

When buying the best Bluetooth adapters for PC, don’t forget to pay attention to what class you belong to. Class 1 adapters are suitable for industrial devices that need Bluetooth connectivity over long distances. As for class 2 adapters, they would be the best option for consumer devices that are not intended for long distances.


As you will suppose, this characteristic depends on the characteristics previously mentioned. Class 1 Bluetooth adapters can have a transmission distance of up to 100 meters. Class 2 dongles or adapters generally offer an operating range of between 10 and 20 meters. Even so, always consider the quality of the connection. Sometimes, devices with the same range may have different performance.


  • Make sure your Bluetooth adapter is using 4.0 technology or higher:

Another important factor to keep in mind is that your Bluetooth adapter must be compatible with the new Bluetooth 4.0 technology. This technology can now offer more range, which means it can be connected to remote devices. In addition, it also consumes less energy than before, which is great for laptops, since they usually run on a charged battery. 4.0 technologies are compatible with previous versions and can be connected to devices that still use previous Bluetooth technologies, such as versions 3.0, 2.1 and 2.0. So, as you can see, buying the adapter with the latest technology will be of great benefit to you.

  • Antenna:

Both Bluetooth adapters come with antennas so that a stronger connection between the devices can be established. But the difference is that class 1 provides a longer range so you need a larger antenna and, in some cases, it also comes with an external antenna. On the other hand, class 2 has a built-in antenna that is hidden behind the housing, since it does not require any outdoor antenna.


The other big difference between the two adapters is energy consumption. Since class 1 adapters need to send signals over longer distances, it consumes a greater amount of power compared to Bluetooth class 2 adapters. If class 1 adapters are connected to a PC that gets power from other jacks, this It would result in higher energy bills. But if the system works with batteries, such as laptops, then recharging would be more frequent.


As indicated above, class 1 adapters are better for industrial purposes, for example, they can be connected to an Ethernet port to make Internet access wireless for everyone. In addition, this adapter can replace a wired serial cable with a Bluetooth link. In contrast, class 2 adapters are best for connecting tablets or PCs to a pair of Bluetooth headphones or for similar short-range connections.

We have previously given a complete understanding of the difference between different types of Bluetooth adapters. So now it will be easier for you to choose an adapter and go wireless.


Bluetooth is the path of the current century and it would definitely become more popular in the days ahead. Replacing all wired connections with their easy-to-use and cost-free connection options.

So be one of the first to make the most of such an incredible creation.


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