Home Gadgets Best Bluetooth Transmitter – Recommendation, Buying Guide and Review

Best Bluetooth Transmitter – Recommendation, Buying Guide and Review

Best Bluetooth Transmitter – Recommendation, Buying Guide and Review
best bluetooth transmitter

best bluetooth transmitter

Best Bluetooth Transmitter in 2020

If you have older devices at home that do not have Bluetooth functionality, the solution is simple: all you need is the Best Bluetooth audio transmitter. Bluetooth transmitters and receivers are not new, these devices have been on the market for decades.

Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver:

The Best Bluetooth Audio Transmitter is smaller and better than ever. The device helps you to connect multiple electronic devices. In other words, we can bridge them. It is an important gadget and should be at home. Bluetooth audio transmitters connect too many devices such as computers, TVs, headphones, etc.

How the Bluetooth audio transmitter works:

It is a common form of wireless communication commonly used in homes with suitable electronic devices. It is generally used to transfer data and music between cellphones/computers.

What about the Bluetooth transmitter for TV?

This is a small box that will connect the sound from your TV to your computer. In general, you can connect this type of Bluetooth transmitter with an RCA plug or socket.

This will allow you to transform even a rather old TV that has no Bluetooth function at the base. Especially since you will find an RCA port and ports compatible with sockets on almost all types of televisions. Also, we give you good advice.

Just choose a Bluetooth audio transmitter that will allow you to connect your TV to speakers or any sound system that works in Bluetooth. It will change your life by choosing your audio equipment dramatically.

To help you find the best Bluetooth transmitter, we have put together a list of the best devices, organized according to the type, weight, range, and ratings of the electronic equipment you need.

Best Bluetooth Transmitter for Projector:

The Below Mentioned devices/transmitters are also capable of projectors.

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Best Bluetooth Audio Transmitter 2020 Reviews

Mpow Bluetooth Transmitter MpowIn Stock
Esinkin Wireless EsinkinIn Stock
Avantree OasisAvantreeIn Stock
MEE audio Connect Bluetooth transmitterMEE AudioIn Stock
Avantree aptX Dual LinkAvantreeIn Stock
Taotronics Bluetooth TransmitterTaotronics In Stock
TROND Bluetooth Transmitter TRONDIn Stock
Nulaxy Bluetooth TransmitterNulaxyIn Stock

1.  Mpow Bluetooth Transmitter

Mpow Bluetooth Transmitter is the best-selling product these days, if you are frustrated by the ugly wires lying around in your home, order Mpow and pair the transmitter with your Bluetooth speaker / TV/headset and you’re good to go. Enjoy the late-breaking TV show without intercepting others; it has a receiver and a transmission that allows you to easily change the function.

The design of Mpow is incredible, you can keep this little gadget in your pocket, and it is a very light device with a capacity of 0.4 oz allowing a long-range up to 30 feet in open space. We do not recommend it for television; it is better for listening to music.


  • 2-in-1 Wireless Bluetooth adapter with stereo music transmission
  • Easy to switch between transmitter and receiver modes
  • Built-in battery for portable use
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free calls
  • Best for car/home audio and TV
  • Bluetooth 4.0 technology to broadcast in the clear up to a distance of 10 meters
  • Fast Micro USB charger support Approx. 2 hours
  • Backup battery up to 8 hours
  • Easy to use; plug, pair & play
  • Audio cable, charger, user manual included in the box
  • • Excellent audio quality
  • • Automatic shutdown during charging and battery backup automatic connection to paired devices
  • • 18-month worry-free warranty!
  • • The transmitter can only be paired with one Bluetooth device
  • • Cannot be used during charging

2.  Esinkin Wireless

Esinkin Wireless is one of the most economical Bluetooth transmitters on the market. The price is compared to the others on our list. With Linking, you can change your non-Bluetooth parts to current technology. It has both transmitter and receiver functionality and can be easily connected to the TV, computer, CD player, headphones, iPods and MP3 / MP4 files. You can now watch movies on your tablet or exercise on a wireless treadmill.

Esinkin offers excellent performance. You will enjoy watching the seasons, movies and TV shows with perfect timing and clarity without disturbing those around you.

The design of Esinkin is fantastic, it is so small and light, it has a clip on the back and does not even notice when you wear them.


  • 2 in 1 Easy Switch between transmitter and receiver modes
  • Built-in battery provides approximately 10 hours of playback time for the transmitter and 5 hours for the receiver
  • Low latency in transmitter mode
  • Transmit simultaneously to 2 Bluetooth speakers
  • HiFi stereo music
  • High-quality audibility
  • Take 2 hours to fully charge
  • Audio cable, charger, user manual book included in the box
  • • Clear Clysters and High-Quality Sound
  • • No audio delay
  • • Economic

  • • It does not need to light during use or recharging the device.
  • • No pop / click when sound sources connect and disconnect

3.  Avantree Oasis

If you are looking for the best Bluetooth TV transmitter with the highest range, we recommend the Avantree. When tested with the Avantree transmitter, the range seemed quite promising.

Enjoy wireless music streaming from your TV, personal computer, laptop, iPod, amplifier or other audio devices by connecting to this Bluetooth hub.

The performances are excellent. Support for aptX Low Latency has effectively

ruled out any annoying audio lag that you may get with an outdated version

of Bluetooth. This model is purely the best Bluetooth transmitter for TV use.

The design of the Avantree transmitter is an eye-catching and optimized

antenna device.

Avantree best long-range covering Bluetooth Transmitter


  • Audio streaming with aptX low latency technology
  • Compatible with almost all devices
  • No lip synchronization delay
  • Can also be used during charging
  • Support 2 earphones
  • 7 hours of long-term autonomy
  • Latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology for a stable connection
  • • Supports 2 pairs of different headphones at the same time
  • • Very easy to use, just plug, pair, and play
  • • Best Bluetooth receiver for headphones
  • • Portability
  • • Sound quality Hi-Fi level
  • • 24 months warranty
  • • All required accessories and user manual included in the box
  • • Re-pairing is required in case of power loss

4.  MEE audio Connect Bluetooth transmitter

The MEE audio Connect Bluetooth transmitter is one of the best devices and is recommended for old/new TVs and other devices connected via 3.5mm headphone jack, RCA or TOSLINK S / PDIF optics; to broadcast high definition sound wirelessly.

MEE audio performance is the best technology that minimizes audio delays and avoids lip-sync problems. The signal range is over 30 feet which is excellent. The battery backup time is approximately 10 hours. The sound quality depends on the headphones you use. However, reliability is preserved and there is no loss of sound quality. The gadget provides the best user experience, the best performance, and the best value.

MEE’s design is remarkable, robust and user-friendly, with a built-in battery. The little gadget can be adjusted right in the palm of your hand.


  • Stream audio to 2 Bluetooth headphones/speakers simultaneously
  • Bluetooth 4.0 technology with aptX (Low Latency technology) for high fidelity sound without lag
  • Compactable with almost all devices
  • Connect the Bluetooth transmitter, micro-USB charging cable, audio cable, RCA adapter, and SPDIF TOSLINK digital optical audio cable included in the box.
  • • Digital and analog connectivity
  • • Automatic optical bypass
  • • No distortion of various audio devices
  • • Simple configuration, plug, pair & play
  • • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • • No Negative point as to our experience.

5.  Avantree aptX Dual Link

Avantree aptX dual-link is a tiny gadget and solution for wirelessly connecting your obsolete TV/computer. You can now watch late-night wireless movies with your wife while your child can sleep well without the voice of the TV interfering. The dual-link feature allows you to heat up to 2 helmets simultaneously with zero sync delay.

The performance of this little device is extraordinary. The signal range is much longer compared to the other transmitters on our list. You don’t have to worry about charging because the transmitter turns on when you connect to TV/laptop via USB,

This Bluetooth transmitter requires USB power, use the USB port on your TV. It turns on automatically when you turn on the TV or use a phone charger, USB PC or another 5V USB socket.

The round design is elegant and discreet; the transmitter has an overall black structure with silver accents.

We do not recommend this transmitter, if your TV only has an optical output, you can go to another one.


  • Bluetooth 4.2 transmitter for PC TV
  • Long-range signal connected up to 100 ft
  • Automatically when you turn on the TV
  • Automatic reconnection to the last 2 paired devices
  • Installation is easy, plugin, pair and play
  • Avantree Priva III, magnetic base, RCA audio cable, micro-USB synchronization charging cable, user manual and quick user guide included in the box.
  • • Compatible with almost all devices, ideal for PC / laptop
  • • Never worry about the load
  • • No delay and low latency (your audio device must also support aptX)
  • • Very light
  • • 24 months warranty

  • • No built-in battery
  • • No receiver functionality
  • • Not portable

6.  Taotronics Bluetooth Transmitter

The Taotronics Bluetooth transmitter has dual functionality; transmitter and receiver, and it’s the best selling Bluetooth transmitter for steaming them. You can now enjoy movies and late-night movies with your wife without disturbing your children.

In transmitter mode, transform a non-Bluetooth MP3 / MP4 MP3 / MP4 player for PC into a Bluetooth transmitter in receiver mode, ideal for home or vehicle sound systems.

It can be paired with two headphones and can stream music while charging. It also has a built-in battery that can provide continuous backup for up to 10 hours.

Although most Bluetooth transmitters can cause eye pain, Taotronics’ design is well suited for all environments, but the device is very small because you know that smaller is better.

The performance is impressive, make no mistake about the size; this small device can shame many large Bluetooth transmitters. Regarding the signal quality, we tested it at a distance of 13 meters and we are still able to hear it.


  • TOSLINK digital optics
  • Switching between transmitter and receiver is just one button away
  • Continuous content without latency in transmitter mode
  • Built-in battery providing 10-hour backup
  • AptX Low Latency for a richer and deeper sound experience
  • Bluetooth 4.1 technology provides stable and reliable streaming
  • • Non-stop flow even during charging
  • • No more cables to wire you
  • • Can be paired with 2 Bluetooth receivers such as headphones and speakers at the same time
  • • Portability and best selling transmitter
  • • 12 + 6 months extended warranty and friendly 24/7 customer service

  • • No Negative point as to our experience.

7.  TROND Bluetooth Transmitter

TROND is one of the best Bluetooth transmitters and receivers available today. You should pair the transmitter with your wireless headphones and watch TV shows late at night without disturbing those around you. You can use it as a Bluetooth receiver and listen to CD-quality music wirelessly from your phone to your wired stereo. Switching between transmitter mode (TX) and receiver mode (RX) is simple.

He has achieved extraordinary results in all performance tests. The signal quality is constant and provides up to 33 feet, it has 500mAh Large Battery which offers long backup up to 20 hours while the charging time only 2 hours, you can use it while charging.

The design is sleek and elegant; Bluetooth is a pleasant transmitter with its complete creation in black and specially designed for two Bluetooth headphones.

Blue LED indicates which codec is in place, in TX mode

The green LED indicates whether the two BT devices have been successfully connected.

Red LED indicating which codec is in place, in RX mode


  • Bluetooth 4.1 technology is used with the premium CSR8670 chipset
  • Dual-Link supported by aptX LL, aptX LL, aptX, SBC
  • Creative support for Dual Link AptX Low Latency
  • Functions include status lights to verify that the two receivers are connected and to use the lowest latency codec, easy pairing, optical input, and battery power
  • TOSLINK digital optics
  • Large 500mAh battery
  • Specially designed for two wireless headphones
  • • Easy to install, plugin, pair and play
  • • No audio delay to watch TV or computer
  • • No lip synchronization delay
  • • Portability
  • • 18-month product warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee
  • • Does not have the built-in microphone
  • • The adapter would not be able to transmit and receive audio at the same time

8.  Nulaxy Bluetooth Transmitter

The Nulaxy Bluetooth transmitter is used in the car. This small gadget is compatible with almost all devices such as the iPhone, tablets for Smartphone, iPad, and iPod or MP3 / MP4 players. They also connect via the car’s FM system or the AUX port to stream music. It can be connected via a standard 3.5 audio jack. MP3 / Smartphone could also be connected via AUX port, then speaker via FM, and we can say that this is the product available on the market.

The design of Nulaxy is eye-catching, it has a black body with a large blue LCD screen. The screen lights up when the car starts, it shows the phone number of incoming calls and the name of songs broadcast via TF cards can also be displayed.

When we talk about the extraordinary Galaxy performance, the most advanced innovation technology in obstruction and noise cancellation is used to produce perfect sound. It’s connected very quickly and easily paired.


  • Built-in microphone function supporting hands-free conversation
  • 44-inch LDD screen with easy-to-read fonts
  • Equipped with a USB charger support
  • Support TF / MicroSD cards in the FAT format up to 32G
  • Supports MP3 and WMA formats
  • Crystal sound quality
  • Advanced interference and noise elimination technology to produce perfect sound
  • Available in different colors, black, matt black, coffee, golden, mint green, peacock blue
  • • Minimal radio frequency
  • • Hands-free calling and FM support
  • • Very easy to configure and instantly paired
  • • Constant synchronization with Smartphone’s
  • • The music is clear with the least static

Bluetooth Audio Transmitter Buyer’s Guide

A Bluetooth transmitter is a device used for transmitting digital data. It is based on Bluetooth technology. This transmitter has a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver. Data transmission is therefore wireless. In addition, the intuitive nature of Bluetooth technology makes this equipment very interesting and very useful.

The Bluetooth transmitter is an important gadget and it must absolutely be at home. Before purchasing a Bluetooth audio transmitter and receiver, you should keep in mind the following aspects.

  1. Signal range

The range of the Bluetooth transmitter is divided into classes, the range of Class 1 transmitters reaches up to 330 feet, while Class 2 offers a height of 33 feet. Class 2 transmitters are the most common on the market and are sufficient for home use.

  1. High-quality sound

The main feature of the Bluetooth transmitter is to provide high-quality sound. It is difficult to expect a cinema-like quality of music, while some will be useful. That’s why I looked for high quality, vibrant and crisp sound for you.

  1. Compatibility

The Bluetooth adapter must be compatible with almost all devices. You must obtain a Bluetooth transmitter that can be used with the operating system (Win 10, Vista, XP, and Mac) as well as with the television, DVD / CD player, iPod MP3 / MP4 Smartphone’s, etc.

  1. Pairing

Always choose a Bluetooth transmitter that can be easily paired with the devices. It must have plug-and-play-play functionality. Most of the time, it takes a minute or a second to pair your devices. Configuration and connection may take longer on devices that need to be charged before use. You should work with different Bluetooth devices such as mice, headsets, printers, projectors, televisions, speakers, tablets, smartphones, etc.

  1. Bluetooth technology

It is best that you get a transmitter with the latest version of Bluetooth technology. The latest version now per day is version 5.0 which was launched in April 2017. The most common versions of the Bluetooth protocol used in most audio transmitters are 4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2. The latest version is always better, version 5.0 is 4x transmission speed and 8x message broadcasting capacity, but most of the Bluetooth transmitters on our list use the protocol 4.0 to 4.2 because there is no transmitter on the market Bluetooth using version 5.0.

  1. Weight and design

Light and small transmitters are easy to move. You can use the device elsewhere, but make sure it has the built-in battery functionality. The design must be compact. Elegant and solid is a better choice. Most of the devices on our list are of this type, although few are configured and forgotten.

  1. Price

Finally, the price you should want to consider. The economical Bluetooth transmitter may be able to do the job, but not for longer use. Before buying, read the criteria carefully and choose what suits you. This could save you frustration and your wallet later.

Origin of the word Bluetooth

In reality, the name Bluetooth was chosen for a famous Danish king of the 10th century, known for having conquered and unified Norway and Denmark. In the same way that Bluetooth technology is supposed to “unify” the devices between them.

The name of this king? Harald I Blatand whose French translation gives Harald the blue tooth (or Harald’s spoiled teeth, to choose). It’s Harald Bluetooth in Shakespeare’s language.

The term Bluetooth is, therefore, a very good wink to recall the origins of the Swedish company Ericsson which developed this wireless technology. For once, a historic reference subtly slips into the name of new technology, we will not complain!

The tribute to King Harald I Blatand is even pushed in the choice of the logo, composed of the initials H and B translated into the runic alphabet used at the time.


If you are considering a high-value Bluetooth audio transmitter, be sure to read the aspects of the buyer’s guide mentioned above. If you are planning a portable transmitter, make sure it has a built-in battery that provides a decent life. The protocol version of Bluetooth is also essential to ensure that it is version 4.0 or higher; this will provide a considerably faster transfer rate and a wider signal range.

There are basically thousands of Bluetooth transmitters on the market, if you want to land on the best Bluetooth audio transmitter, take a look at the features you need, Have a look at the list Gadgets Lookup provide you and then take action.


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