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Best Portable Blender – Reviews, Recommendations and Buying Guide 2020

Best Portable Blender  – Reviews, Recommendations and Buying Guide 2020
best portable blender

best portable blender

Best Portable Blender

If what you’re looking for is to prepare smoothies before and after your sports training or to prepare a quick milkshake made by yourself, why not invest in the best portable blender? One of these pinch-sized personal models will be an ideal solution, as they are designed to create healthy meal replacements and protein-rich drinks to aid training and / or weight loss diets. Gadgets Lookup’s detailed comparison will allow you to choose the best portable blender that best suits your needs.

Best Cheap Blender – Collection of Blenders

Nutri Bullet NBR 1201 Nutri Bullet7.4 PoundsIn Stock
Ninja Professional 72Ninja 7 PoundsIn Stock
Ninja Mega Smoothie Ninja9.2 PoundsIn Stock
Cuisinart CPB-300Cuisinart1 PoundIn Stock
Hamilton Beach Power EliteHamilton Beach2.07 PoundsIn Stock
Aicok Professional mixer Aicok10.4 PoundsIn Stock
Homgeek Blender SmoothieHomgeek11.3 PoundsIn Stock

Here is recommended and cheap blender for  you:

You honestly didn’t think we could write an article on the best smoothie blenders without the original nutrient extractor, Nutri Bullet, which received a good old mention! We chose it as our best choice today because it is simply supreme when it comes to spraying fruits and vegetables to make super sweet super nutritious milkshakes and smoothies. Being in good health has become much easier thanks to this powerful 600 watt motor on a high torque power base. What sets this machine apart is the patented design of the stainless steel blade with cyclonic action. It can break down even the toughest ingredients to deliver a daily dose of softness and silky sweetness and a perfectly balanced and nutritious meal in a glass in just a few seconds. Perfect for anyone with a hectic lifestyle who wants to enjoy nutritional benefits on the go. Cleaning is a child’s play, so why not love it?


  • Comes with 12 pieces
  • Properly crushes seeds and stems.
  • Capacity of 3 cups
  • Comes with manual and cookbook
  • Maximum nutritional extraction
  • Breaks down food to the most absorbable state.
  • Cyclonic action
  • Versatile
  • Powerful
  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • Easy to use
  • 1-year warranty
  • The seal could be tighter

The Ninja Professional Countertop Blender (BL610) has a 1000 watt motor capable of mixing food like a pro. It has an exceptional blade that improves the functionality of this mixer, cutting fruit, food, and vegetables in an efficient and effortless manner. It also helps to mix frozen food properly and it has the advantage of crushing ice. The blender also comes with 4 unique manual buttons programmed to deliver different drink textures at the touch of a button. First of all, for optimal control, the drinks that need the soothing and refreshing nature of crushed ice, this blender allows you to create these special frozen drinks at any time of the day. Secondly,

Third, there is the benefit of much slower speed control which allows for more consistent drinks and treats such as ice cream and the like, offering amazing mixing gradients and overall consistency. Finally, you can recreate your favorite sauces and dips with this mixer, completely erasing inconsistencies and providing excellent mixing work. Overall, the Ninja Professional Countertop Blender (BL610) is very easy to clean and comes with a 25 recipe cookbook, enough to get new mixing ideas and perfect the ones you already have. It gives a perfect blend of refined flavors and textures and also has the ability to leave feelings of satiety after each mixing process.


  • 25 recipe book
  • Efficient assembly with 6 blades
  • 72-ounce capacity blender
  • 1000 watt motor power

The Ninja Mega is not so much a blender as a complete kitchen system that can deliver exceptional professional performance, even when mixing frozen ingredients perfectly. It is one of the most famous blenders on the market, and it certainly has a much more affordable price than most of its professional style competitors. With a 1,500-watt base and a 72-ounce launcher, the blades are razor-sharp and can spray just about anything you want to put in them. Nutrient-rich drinks you can enjoy on the go, chopping ingredients to make fresh salsas, and making a delicious batter. Thanks to Nutri-Ninja technology, it effortlessly grinds the ice, whole fruits and vegetables in seconds. With 5 manual programs and lots of accessories, including two 16-oz Nutri cups with sealable lids to enjoy this smoothie on the go, it’s definitely worth its weight in gold. Also check out our guide to the best centrifuges.


  • Powerful 1700W motor and 72oz capacity
  • Spray ice and whole fruit in seconds with Nutri-Ninja technology
  • Complete kitchen system
  • Includes pitcher, food processor bowl and two portable Nutri cups with lid.
  • Dishwasher safe BPA free plastic parts
  • Maximum nutrient extraction
  • Big capacity
  • Versatile mixer and processor
  • Powerful enough to crush ice
  • Programmable settings
  • Mix in seconds
  • Professional style
  • Pitcher design is difficult to clean

Cuisinart is, in a way, a culinary giant recognized and loved worldwide. This slim and compact looking smoothie blender from a wide range may seem streamlined, but it’s still powerful enough to create sensational smoothies in seconds, while chopping herbs and beating many other recipes of mixtures. With its elegant and attractive LED lights, it has three settings: high, low and pulse control. There is a sleep mode, an automatic shutdown and a safety mode with interlock. Designed to fit easily into the most compact kitchens, it can easily be used with one hand and has a user-friendly electronic touchpad. Made of shatterproof and unbreakable Eastman plastic without BPA, it is robust and durable and can be washed in the dishwasher. The Cuisinart CPB-300 mixer also features ultra-sharp patented stainless steel blades and four included travel cups so the whole family can enjoy their own drinks on the go. If you like tea, check out our guide to the best tea makers.


  • Robust and robust 350W intelligent motor
  • Patented ultra-sharp blades
  • Stylish electronic touchpad with LED indicators
  • Comes with four portable travel cups with lids
  • Dishwasher safe BPA free plastic parts
  • Compact and elegant design
  • Variable control settings
  • Security features
  • Versatile
  • Portable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Robust and durable
  • Limited lifespan

We awarded the Best Value for Money to this Hamilton Beach Blender 5-Port Blender, Personal Disposable Smoothie Blender from Hamilton. It was designed to help you start the day healthy by mixing a fruit or vegetable smoothie or milkshake in seconds that you can take and serve. By preparing perfectly for the day ahead, you can mix together a super green smoothie, loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins and minerals, which will keep you recharged throughout the day. Thanks to its easy-to-use one-touch mixing, it has a compact storage jar and a wrap-around cord that, even when not in use, will have minimal impact on the space of your counter. With stainless steel blades, it’s the most powerful unit we’re looking at today, but the price is pretty hard to beat and it does the job of whipping fruit smoothies and protein shakes a treat.


  • Stainless steel blades
  • Simple operation with one touch
  • Compact and practical storage thanks to the basic wrap-around cord
  • Personal style mixer with individual portion
  • Perfect for traveling and fits most car mounts
  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Economic
  • Mix and drink from the same jar
  • At the mess
  • Simple service only

The Aicok brand is dedicated to the production of high quality, durable and professional style household and kitchen appliances. The Aicok Professional 1200 Watt Blender is a perfect example of this commitment to excellence with many fabulous features that you will appreciate if you are looking to buy a very effective fruit smoothie mixer. The engine is powerful and reliable, but it has also been designed intuitively with many user-friendly security features, including a built-in security lock and an external security button. On the unit itself, there is an intelligent LED touch control panel that has pre programmed popular settings for pulsing, mixing and pausing so you can tackle everything, from seed ice cream to delicious frozen fruit, all at the touch of a button. If you want to make a batch of your favorite take-out and take-out breakfast smoothie, use one of the tight-fitting sip lids for your own travel mug. In addition to a 35 oz jar, there is also a more practical and portable 28 oz jar that is perfect for the gym. For a personal mixer that can deliver professional style results, Aicok professional mixers get our vote of confidence. A two-year manufacturer’s warranty is also included with your purchase, giving you peace of mind. Our handy guide to the best ice tea makers showcases other great products like this.


  • Powerful 1200 W motor with speeds of up to 24,000 rpm.
  • LED Smart one-touch operation with digital timer
  • Impact resistant, BPA free and temperature resistant Tritan containers
  • Comes with two Tritan cups with lids (35 oz and 28 oz)
  • 6 sharp blades for optimal mixing power
  • Smart settings
  • Versatile
  • Powerful enough to crush ice
  • Mix in seconds
  • Digital timer
  • BPA-free Tritan impact-resistant plastic
  • Fast mixing action
  • Difficult to clean

The sleek design of the homgeek is matched by the powerful performance of its professional style 2.0 HP motor which can deliver 1450W of peak power while being 4 times quieter than traditional smoothie makers of this caliber. It’s not only powerful, it’s also versatile and thanks to its special cyclonic action, but it can also perfectly pulverize whatever you throw at it, grind, mix, puree and process everything from frozen fruits and vegetables to fruits and very fibrous vegetables, including nuts and seeds. Turn ice into slush in just a few seconds and take advantage of multiprogram settings. There are 9 smart programs preset on board as well as 4 preset speeds; low, medium, high and a pulse setting. You have the freedom and flexibility to decide whether you want to operate manually or use one of the predefined programs. The control panel has a clear LED display that indicates the elapsed time and is easy to adjust. There is a self-cleaning feature that is very impressive and the large capacity 64 oz Tritan container is BPA free, resistant to shattering and scratches. With an easy to pour spout too, there is no dirt or drips, just a quick and efficient pour. Whether it’s soups, smoothies, cocktails or milkshakes, the homgeek professional blender can handle them all. Find other great products like this by checking out our guide to the best immersion blenders.


  • Powerful 1450 W commercial-grade motor
  • Extra large 64 oz Tritan jar BPA free, no spout and no mess
  • LED control panel with variable speeds from 1,500 to 25,000 rpm
  • 9 pre-programmed settings using an easy-to-use control dial
  • Very strong and sharp stainless steel blades for perfect mixing.
  • Commercial quality
  • Powerful
  • Versatile
  • Preprogrammed settings
  • LED display
  • Easy to pour spout
  • Big capacity
  • Self-cleaning
  • Plastic container rather than glass

How does a portable blender work?

The medium portable blender is made up of three basic parts: a motor, a launcher and a rotating blade which attaches to the motor and which are at the bottom of the launcher.

A portable blender is designed to work in the same way as a food processor in which it will chop or puree any number of foods. It differs from a food processor in that it is often more powerful than the average food processor and is generally intended for processing solid foods into liquids.

The most powerful models, many of which are featured on this page, have the ability to crush ice and other frozen foods to make delicious cold drinks.

Best Personal Blender

Some more modern blenders are also known as immersion blenders. They are hand-held, have a motor and a blade and are delivered in one piece. They are inserted into the ingredients and mix from top to bottom rather than from bottom to top.

Many mixing jugs have measurement marks so you know exactly how much of each ingredient is in your preparation. Most blenders have options for blending pulses so you can get the results you want.

Best Small Blender

Portable blenders can sit on your counter or be stored in your cupboards until you are ready to use them. Some come with heavy glass jugs while others use sturdy plastic. A medium counter blender comes with several speed settings.

Best Blender for Smoothies

Most portable blenders can handle any job, although some are for personal and occasional use, while others are for frequent and large blending jobs.

What should I know before buying a blender?

The blender you choose will depend on how you plan to use it. As with most products, the most expensive choice is not always the best.

Consider some of these things before you purchase Blender:

First, you will need to consider the size of your blender. Consider both what you plan to use in your blender and the counter space you have in your kitchen. A large blender can do a lot, but if you don’t have enough space to store it, it can get boring and bulky, leaving you wanting to buy something smaller.

If you’re only using it for yourself, consider getting a small portable blender that will mix a quick smoothed, protein shake, or soup and leave you with minimal preparation and cleanup time.

Second, make sure that the portable blender you have chosen has all the functions you need. If you don’t intend to use it often, consider opting for a small blender with only a few simple speed settings. If you’re used to hosting big parties and throwing a wide variety of unpredictable ingredients into your blender, then take a look at some of the bigger blenders with a range of speed settings.

Third, consider the materials you prefer your blender to be made of. Some people like a light plastic pitcher while others want a heavy, more durable glass pitcher. Many consumers will accept nothing less than a stainless steel blade and BPA-free plastic. In addition, you will want to make sure that the base and the engine will hold whatever you intend to subject them to.

Finally, think about security. If the blender you are considering is difficult to clean with a hard-to-reach blade, you may be preparing for cuts and scrapes. Make sure your outlets can withstand the current power of your blender, and make sure you have a place where you can prevent the cord from coming into contact with water or other liquids.

Blender History

The first mixer was patented on November 17, 1885, by Rufus M. Eastman. When he filed the patent, Eastman said that the mixer could be powered by a mechanical, electrical or hydraulic source.

Best Hand Blender

In 1911 Hamilton Beach patented and marketed an electric milkshake blender. This creation was finally transformed into a triple milkshake blender with three blades that simultaneously rotate inside three different cups to mix the ingredients. Different models of these blenders are still used in restaurants today.

In 1936 Fred Waring created the first portable blender of the model we know the best today. Designed to do more than milkshakes, this portable blender has changed the way people mince and mold food, and it has cut food preparation time in half.

Best Immersion Blender

This ultimately triggered a number of blender creations, including the portable blenders that are featured on this page. Although it was more than eighty years ago that this handy little kitchen appliance was first launched, this model or some variation is still a staple in most kitchens around the world.


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