Home Gadgets Best Ram for Gaming in 2020 – All You Need to Know Before Purchasing

Best Ram for Gaming in 2020 – All You Need to Know Before Purchasing

Best Ram for Gaming in 2020 – All You Need to Know Before Purchasing

Best Ram for Gaming – Buying Guide 2020

best ram for gaming

Ram is the most complicated component to measure from a performance point of view. A best ram can make your computer run faster and can run your games run smoothly. Indeed, there are few tests, few comparisons, simply because this component depends on the overall PC configuration.

When you want to use software, your processor recovers the data on the hard disk and the loads on the RAM, it will then mainly work with the memory (the RAM) because it works a lot, much faster, thousands of times faster, than a hard drive or an SSD.

It is therefore it that the system uses to store its current tasks. The more resources you use on your computer, the more you will have a high performance PC memory in speed, processing volume and above all in capacity (GB).

Alongside your graphics card or processor, the RAM of your PC can also have a real impact on the performance of your machine. Depending on the amount of RAM on board, your entire configuration can gain speed of execution, both for office tasks and during gaming.

To put it simply, the RAM will come between your processor and your hard disks (or SSD) in order to recover and store the data necessary for your various tasks. Much faster than a traditional storage solution, the RAM of a PC is one of the key elements of a gaming oriented configuration.

The games are more and more greedy in terms of memory, and we will advise at least to move towards an 8 GB kit of DDR4 (or DDR3 if you have a slightly less recent machine). Obviously remains to find the bars that will perfectly complement your setup. For this we offer you a selection of the best DDR4 RAM as well as a complete buying guide.

List Of Recommended DDR4 Rams for PC Gaming

Product NameManufacturerPriceAvailability Buy
Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GBCorsairIn Stock
Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GBCorsairIn Stock
Corsair Vengeance RGB ProCorsairIn Stock
HyperX Predator HX432C16PB3AK4KingStoneIn Stock
Ballistix Sport LT 2666Crucial In Stock
Timetec Hynix ICTimetecIn Stock
Dominator Platinum RGB 64GBCorsairIn Stock

See details and review Below

Selection Criteria:

DDR3 or DDR4?

The type of memory depends on your motherboard and therefore necessarily on the type of processor socket.

Who uses DDR4 type ram?

The new AMD AM4 socket (Ryzen), Intel 1151 (Coffee Lake, Kaby LAKE and SKYLAKE) and the high-end socket Intel 2011-3. It is now the benchmark standard on all platforms, with significantly higher frequencies and lower consumption. It must be installed on a compatible motherboard, i.e. latest generation.

Who uses DDR3?

The AMD AM3 + socket, the Intel socket 1150 socket (HASWELL) or the old Intel socket 1155 (Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge). Currently, the purchase of the DDR3 type ram only occurs in the case of a PC configuration UPGRADE.

The number of barrettes of ram, 16GB or 2×8 GB?

To take advantage of the Dual Channel technology, You have to take 2 x 4 GB, rather than a single 8 GB strip. Or 2 x 8 GB, rather than a single 16 GB strip. You will understand, as the name suggests, it is better to make them work in pairs (Estimated gain of 5%). Only the X99 chipset allows the use of the quad channel (4 identical modules)

What are XMP and AMP?

The Intel® XMP (Extreme Memory Profile) tool allows you to overclock compatible DDR3 / DDR4 memories for significantly better performance than normal. This tool is designed to improve the gaming functions integrated into PCs with Intel Inside®. If you want to overclock your PC to get the most out of its performance, Intel® XMP-based RAM is for you. The predefined and tested Intel® XMP profiles can be loaded via the BIOS or a specific modification application via the operating system of a PC.

Memory kits store a small profile indicating supply voltage, frequency and timings that compatible motherboards can read in order to automatically apply the manufacturer’s recommendations.

What about AMD?

Another interesting point, using the kits with Intel XMP 2.0 profiles does not mean that it will work on AMD. The firm also works with manufacturers for AM4 certified kits with AMP profiles, the XMP Intel equivalent.

The AMD Memory Profile thus comes to oppose the eXtreme Memory Profile of the giant of Santa Clara with a principle in all points similar.

Our Guide to Buying Best DDR4 RAM, How to Choose?

At a time when the price of computer components is becoming more and more affordable, it may be wise to allow your PC to evolve over time. To do this, the first thing to do is often to increase the RAM, which is commonly called “RAM”.

However, many technical criteria differentiate these components from each other. We suggest that you decipher the technical terms so that you can see more clearly. Here is our buying guide dedicated to DDR4 RAM.

What Criteria Should Be Taken Into Account When Choosing Best Gaming RAM?

best ram for gaming

Although all the bars can be confused visually, it is indisputable that the choice should not be taken lightly. Different parameters must be taken into account, otherwise the effects expected from replacing the RAM may not be there.

The Frequency of Your Bar

The frequency is a very important element, impossible to ignore it. You absolutely must choose a RAM module whose frequency is greater than or equal to the minimum frequency of your motherboard.

Otherwise, the risk is to cause damage to your module and even to the motherboard!

Latency Times

This parameter corresponds to the time that elapses between the moment when the component makes the request for information to the system and the moment when the latter is available on the RAM.

For experienced users, it is possible to modify this latency from the BIOS of the computer. The lower the latency, the more efficient the computer. RAM strips with ultra low latency are expensive to buy, it is therefore advisable to make a mix between latency and amount of RAM memory.

Module Voltage

For DDR4 RAM, the voltage ranges from 1.2V to 1.35V.

According to the manufacturer Intel, it should ideally be oriented towards 1.2V modules.

How to Choose BEST RAM Memory?

To follow up on our selection of the best gaming DDR4 RAM modules, make way for our buying guide. You will find there the various criteria to take into account during your research as well as the questions to ask before jumping on the first kit come.

As the technical specifications of RAM are quite complex, this guide will help you better understand the basics of this often poorly understood component. We will not go into the real technical details of this technology here, but you can find links to more complete resources

If you are mounting a new PC, chances are you will opt for a motherboard and processor compatible with DDR4 memory. It is now the benchmark RAM and its prices are today quite close to those of the previous generation.

If you already have a full configuration and just want to increase your PC memory, you may need to head to DDR3 memory. To do this, check beforehand the type of memory already installed in your machine (Task manager> Memory).

You can also find the type of RAM memory according to the socket on your motherboard:

  • AMD AM3 + / Intel LGA 1150 socket: DDR3
  • AM4 Socket (AMD Ryzen): DDR4
  • Socket 1151 (Intel Sky Lake / Kaby Lake / Coffee Lake): DDR4

DDR4 kits have the advantage of offering higher frequencies than those present on DDR3, while offering reduced power consumption.

Best Gaming DDR4 Ram for PC

The amount of RAM on board your machine can have a real influence on its overall performance, both for office tasks and for gaming.

As often, you will have to choose according to your needs and budget. Understand by this that a player limited only to gaming on titles such as League of Legends or Fortnite will not have the same RAM requirements as a user wishing to play the most recent games in 1440p while streaming his games on Twitch .

An 8 GB kit should allow you to run most of the current games without any problems. If you want to build a cheap gaming PC, this is generally what we recommend.

If you are used to playing very demanding games or you simply have a 1440p screen, we would rather recommend moving towards Best 16 GB Ram of DDR4. This will allow you to play in good conditions while keeping other applications open (Internet browser, Discord, Spotify …).

If you want to stream or if you use heavy software (photo editing / video editing), we also recommend a 16 GB kit. At present, no need to move towards 32 GB kits, you do not it will not necessarily gain much for gaming.

How much RAM to choose?

The higher the amount of RAM, the more your computer will be “powerful” and capable of performing tasks that consume hardware resources. Overall, 6 to 8GB of RAM is enough for “normal” use. On the other hand, for the use of professional software (ex: computer development, graphics…) we will go up to 16GB and even beyond for the video (we think of Adobe after Effect).

However, take the time to check that your operating system is compatible both by its version (Windows 7 / Windows 10 …) and by its architecture (32 bits / 64 bits) to this increase in RAM. Also check the RAM limits managed by your motherboard.

RAM mounting:

When mounting RAM arrays, for electro technical reasons, most of the time, preference will be given to mounting in pairs.

In practice, the computer offers at least 2 slots for modules, some models have 3 or even 4. We will always mount the RAM in pairs.


Concretely, if I want to install 8GB of RAM in my computer offering 2 locations, I must get 2 strips of 4GB each.

In the same way, it is very strongly recommended to assemble together identical bars (same brand and same model).

Recommended DDR4 Rams for gaming as our Experience

best ram for gaming

We have carefully selected our favorite RAM sticks. You can now find them below. Whatever you’re current configuration and the targeted performances, you will necessarily find your account there.

  1. Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB: Excellent value for money


This DDR4 RAM memory kit is made up of 2 modules of 8GB each. It has the advantage of having been tested on Intel X99 series motherboards. These accept all this RAM kit.

Designed for high performance enthusiasts, these modules support the XMP 2.0 protocol allowing automatic Overclocking. In other words, this makes it possible to rotate the module at over-speed to the maximum of its performance.

  • • Overclock possible automatically
  • • Compatibility with any Intel X99 card
  • • We pay the fact that this kit is managed by XMP 2.0, if your motherboard is not compatible, this set is not the best value for money

  1. Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB: The sober and powerful DDR4 RAM


Equipped with an aluminium heat sink, which can be ordered in different colours and XMP 2.0 compatible, this 16GB RAM module has it all.

Designed to be installed in any physical configuration, the component case has been ingeniously thought out to take up the least space possible.

With 32GB of RAM, you can use software requiring good graphics resources (like Premiere Pro / After Effect) but also play state-of-the-art video games if your graphics card follows the road too.

The Corsair brand being reputed to be reliable and recognized for its products on the market, we can only recommend this model.

  • • Power and reliability at the rendezvous
  • • You can choose the colour of the bars
  • • XMP compatible for automatic overclock management
  • • No

3.   Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro: The colourful 32GB RAM kit


Let’s start with the heart of the matter, the raison d’être of this RAM kit. If you do not have a translucent PC tower, no need to dwell on this model. On the other hand, if this is your case, this component could well envy your friends while rendering you loyal services.

Mounted in 2 x 16GB, these bars have the distinction of presenting dynamic RGB LED lighting. They are made to bring a touch of dynamic colour (since colours change) inside your computer tower.

Regarding this LED lighting, it can be configured using the included software, Corsair iCUE, allowing it to be synchronized with other components (such as a keyboard backlit in several colours for example).

We are here on a module that is as aesthetic as it is efficient. The 32 GB of RAM are felt well and the computer finds a youth after installation of this kit.

  • • Design with changing LED colours
  • • Compatibilities of iCUE software with other brands (Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light)
  • • The power and quality of the bars
  • • Useless for a tower with non-transparent materials

4. HyperX Predator HX432C16PB3AK4 / 64: A 64GB kit for extreme uses


This 64GB DDR4 RAM kit offers increased customization of the appearance of the modules. Indeed, the 4 bars of 16GB each that contains the package display LEDs whose colour is customizable at will thanks to software.

Take advantage of an automatically optimized frequency according to your equipment. The latter can go up to 4000MHz.

The set is compatible with Intel’s XMP protocol. This allows you to enjoy exceptional power thanks to Overclocking while remaining serene and without fear of damaging your machine.

This kit requires 4 RAM slots on your computer, it will be particularly suitable for graphic or video editing use.

  • • Design and customization of colours
  • • Power and reliability
  • • Compatibility with XMP to automate over-cadence
  • • We pay a little more for the design

5.  Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 2666 : 32GB of RAM at an Unbeatable price


This kit, requiring 4 locations to slide the same number of RAM modules, is ideal for gaming or video editing use requiring large hardware resources.

Offered at an affordable price for this type of equipment, it is particularly recommended for owners of AMD Ryzen processors for compatibility reasons.

With a sober design, it is not he who will illuminate your PC tower. On the other hand, if you are looking for a powerful, cheap and reliable kit, it seems that we have a good candidate to offer you.

  • • The price
  • • Optimization for AMD Ryzen processors
  • • No

6.   Timetec Hynix IC: The low cost outsider (32GB Kit)


If you are looking for a powerful but inexpensive DDR4 ram kit, you may regularly come up against the prices charged by the “big players in the sector”. We invite you to discover Timetec with its 32GB RAM (really) cheap kit.

Compatible with many computers, the kit is thus composed of 2 16GB modules. As a true outsider, Timetec challenges the industry in place and offers its powerful modules for almost nothing.

  • • Very good performance
  • • The price pushed down
  • • Lack of perspective on the brand

7.  Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 64GB: 8 x 8GB with LED lighting


With the design of its modules, Corsair offers here a 64GB DDR4 RAM kit consisting of 8 modules of 8GB each.

The colour of the 12 LEDs per strip can be personalized individually to give your machine a unique touch to your taste.

We note the rather low latency on this model. It will therefore be suitable for a person with a certain requirement in terms of components. We are on quality material and the price makes us feel it at the same time.

  • • Each LED of each strip is individually customizable
  • • Low latency
  • • General power restored by the kit
  • • A little high price due to the quality of the components

How to change the RAM of a computer?

Depending on the accessibility of the location hosting the RAM modules, replacing the RAM modules may prove to be more or less long. In some cases, it is advisable to have this manipulation carried out by a professional.

In a more general context, once the cover has been dismantled and in front of the bars, it is a matter of delicately removing them by spreading the “clips” which hold them clipped. Then, we will do the manipulation in reverse to mount the new RAM.


Replacing PC RAM can be incredibly beneficial

The change in a computer’s RAM instantly gives it super power.

In 95% of cases, the change can be made at home without the intervention of a professional. The cost of labor then being zero, the operation is really worth it.

Although the choice of RAM arrays beforehand can be a bit complex at first, we are sure that with our comparison and our buying guide, you will be able to orient yourself well.


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