Home Keyboards Best TKL Mechanical Keyboard – Buying Guide, Reviews and Recommendations

Best TKL Mechanical Keyboard – Buying Guide, Reviews and Recommendations

Best TKL Mechanical Keyboard – Buying Guide, Reviews and Recommendations
Best tkl Mechanical Keyboard

Best tkl Mechanical Keyboard

As essential for players as a good screen or a responsive mouse, the keyboard has many shapes and characteristics. To choose it wisely, dive into Gadgets Lookup’s selection of the best Tkl Mechanical keyboards!

Best TKL Mechanical Keyboard

A device absolutely essential for the use of a computer, the keyboard has become for many years one of the most important partners of the gamer, next to his mouse or even for some of his screen, his headphones or his armchair, but that is not the question. The point is, most keyboard builders have felt the tide and rather than trying to please businesses, the gamer has become a prime target. Countless models bloom every year, even every month, and it’s not always easy to find your way around. Here we will guide you to choose best tkl mechanical keyboard.

Best Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard

Choosing your best tenkeyless mechanical keyboard requires you to sort through many options, more or less dispensable accessories and features you want. More importantly, it means above all to look into the form-factor of the product, the technology embedded by the manufacturer and even the precise characteristics of the switches used. Are you more in favour of full-width keyboards with at least 105 keys or will a compact model tenkeyless or even very compact be more to your liking? In the same vein, aim instead for the discretion of silent contactors or the responsiveness of the best mechanical models? Finally, the question of the price will obviously not fail to arise, the rates varying from simple to fivefold.

Selection of the Best Quiet Gaming Keyboards

Alloy Core RGBHyperX GamingIn Stock
SK621Cooler Master In Stock
Strafe RGB MK.2CorsairIn Stock
Vulcan 120 AIMORoccat In Stock
Huntsman EliteRazer In Stock
Apex ProSteelSeries In Stock

Here is our Selection of the Best Quiet Gaming Keyboards:

You will soon have the opportunity to realize this, we are not fervent followers of membrane switches in the perspective of a gaming keyboard. Thus, the HyperX Alloy Core RGB is even the only representative of this technology that we decided to retain. The reason is simple: we did not want to make a complete dead end and, with this product, HyperX keeps a floor price while offering a high level of finish. The membrane technology is not sufficiently reactive for our taste, but it remains correct and the silence which accompanies it is very pleasant. Note the presence of an RGB backlight which is tastefully integrated and which the house software allows to adjust to everyone’s desires. Special mention for the various multimedia keys and, above all, for the gaming mode which allows the deactivation of the Windows keys to avoid clumsiness. Combined with an effective anti-ghosting and n-key rollover, this ensures that the Alloy Core RGB has more than correct gaming behaviour.

  • Very low price
  • Quality finishes
  • Anti-ghosting, multimedia keys, gaming mode
  • Discretion of membrane switches
  • Few accessories, logical considering the price
  • Low reactivity of membrane technology
  • No wrist rest

Here is a very particular model which we selected of course in the first place for its extreme compactness. Many players swear by full-width keyboards, but we still wanted to show you the advantages of a “60%”. Yes, it is even smaller than a tenkeyless model and will therefore occupy less than 30 centimetres in width on your desk! Logically, it is also very light – less than 430 grams – and is an excellent travel companion. Let us immediately underline its main faults. Because of its form-factor, you have to settle for 64 keys and deal with the absence of a numeric keypad. On the other hand, Cooler Master has not neglected the effectiveness of its product thanks to Cherry MX Low Profile contactors. Their activation distance is very short and they come back very quickly in place for remarkable reactivity. Wired / Bluetooth operation is another advantage, especially since its battery can last 1000 hours if the backlight is off. At this level, note that this gives a touch of science fiction to the product, even if the open structure of the SK621 causes “leaks” of light on the sides.

  • Remarkable compactness
  • Wired or Bluetooth, as desired
  • Excellent autonomy
  • Responsive and comfortable Cherry MX LP
  • Excellent finishing’s
  • Efficient and configurable backlight
  • Flat keys that can confuse
  • Very compact so without numeric keypad and with 64 keys

Iconic brand of the gaming world, Corsair opted with this model for contactors signed Cherry, the MX Silent. As their name unequivocally indicates, they are characterized by their great operational silence. It must be recognized that it is truly day and night compared to “classic” switches. For the rest, we can say, just to play a little jaded, that we are in Corsair “pure juice”. The finish is exemplary and the aesthetics will have its fans and its detractors, but it is a job well done. We will note more particularly the typing comfort which can also be further reinforced by putting the wrist rest in place. That said, in this regard, we must specify that it is a bit short (especially for large hands) and that its fixing system is imperfect. On a standard keyboard, this might not even have been noted, but in the case of the Strafe RGB MK.2, that is a bit of a task: we are talking about a model all the same! This last point is also the main criticism that can be made of its manufacturer: few people will be able to take advantage of its remarkable qualities of typing / comfort. An excellent model despite everything.

  • Classic design for Corsair, but still very efficient
  • Numerous features (USB port, wrist rest…)
  • Efficient and largely customizable backlight
  • Devilishly discreet Cherry MX switches Silent typing comfort
  • Wrist rest a little short and fixing perfectible
  • Particularly salty addition

If we decided to retain the Vulcan 120 AIMO from Roccat and select it for its design, it is obvious that it will not appeal to everyone. The German manufacturer has indeed made a few choices that some will find “strange” if not to say “ugly”. The idea here was to design a keyboard as open as possible with visible switches thanks to the use of very fine keys. To support this research, Roccat opted for a chassis entirely in brushed aluminumand a removable, magnetic wrist rest… It’s up to you to see if it’s to your taste. On the technical side of things, it’s practically flawless. At this level, Roccat relies on contactors called Titan which are difficult to fault and have a very short activation distance. To stand out, Roccat also relies on the presence of its volume wheel which can be configured for other uses via the Swarm software, practical and well thought out. Software which intervenes of course on the backlight and which also makes it possible to configure the excellent Easy Shift function [+]: it authorizes the assignment of a secondary function to each command Convenient. Finally, macros, widely configurable backlighting and anti-ghosting / n-key rollover complete a remarkable picture that makes you forget the price.

  • Outstanding open, frameless design
  • Exemplary typing comfort
  • Reactive and very pleasant Titan switches
  • Very practical control
  • Swarm software and Easy Shift function [+]
  • No USB pass through port
  • Rather dissuasive price

The Huntsman Elite is one of the most expensive models of the Razer team. However, it justifies its price with advanced features that prompted us to retain it in this selection. Let’s start with the high level of finish it shows. There, Razer has an excellent reputation which is not denied. Note that the frameless structure of the keyboard is however quite different from that retained by Roccat with “normal” keys and an aspect finally less “open”. The backlight is thus more oriented than on the Vulcan and we can bet that Razer will divide the players less. On a more technical level, we must emphasize the use of more original contactors than usual. This is also partly why we have chosen this model. Razer effectively operates models called “opto-mechanical”. In principle, there is therefore a light beam to activate the contactor. Razer evokes a longer lifespan and better reactivity. For our part, we did not note any particular faults with these switches which join the best past in our hands. We appreciate, for example, their fairly short activation distance, but we regret, however, the noise pollution generated, at the level of the most “clicky” Cherries. In another register, we also regret that the use of two USB ports to power the Huntsman Elite and its backlight does not even allow having a USB pass-through port on the keyboard. Fortunately, this does not detract from the multiple advantages of remarkable keyboard efficiency.

  • Flawless build quality
  • Particularly elegant backlight
  • Excellent typing,
  • Reactive switches
  • Convenient side wheel
  • Large customization via Razer Synapse
  • Most expensive and not even a USB pass-through port
  • Large footprint
  • Thick keyboard

At SteelSeries, the Apex range is relatively wide. If other cheaper versions are already available (Apex 3, Apex 5 or Apex 7) and others may arrive later, there is however very little chances that the Danish manufacturer will release a model more ambitious than the Pro! To justify such a tariff, SteelSeries relies on several elements starting with these famous Omni point switches. This is to allow the most demanding players to define the activation of each key individually. Thus, via the SteelSeries software, the activation is adjustable from 0.4 to 3.6 millimetres. In fact, depending on the needs, a shorter stroke can be defined for certain keys. Note however that the manufacturer has not integrated its Omni point with all the keys, but “only” 62 of them, the most important for the players. For the others, more conventional Red contactors, but already of very good quality, were used. In use, the responsiveness is perfect, the comfort excellent. The other major innovation is the presence of an OLED screen on which multiple information can be displayed. There, we are more circumspect, even if some players will undoubtedly find their account there. In order to keep a “short” format, we will not detail all the other elements of the Apex Pro, but be aware that the finish is exemplary and that noise pollution is generally contained. We appreciate the presence of a USB pass-through port and a handy little configurable wheel. Also note that a “compact” version tenkeyless exists. It is a little cheaper, but gives up on a few features to preserve your workspace.

  • The robust and elegant aluminium chassis
  • Convincing and configurable Omni point switches
  • Excellent typing quality, exemplary responsiveness
  • Practical and accessible SteelSeries Engine 3 software
  • Easy macro configuration
  • Pass-through USB port
  • Also available in compact version
  • Extremely high price
  • OLED screen not essential
  • Omni point switches on 62 keys only
  • Non-detachable cable

Best Keyboard for Android

The keyboards mentioned above are also capable with android and are best keyboard for Android.

How to choose your gaming keyboard?

Mechanical or Membrane Contactors?

We said in the introduction, we can schematically divide the universe of the keyboard for players in two schools. On the one hand, the followers of the membrane device and on the other, those of the so-called mechanical models. The latter are by far the most numerous. They explain their choice by the greater reactivity of these contactors and by a more “physical” feeling at the time of the strike. For their part, membrane keyboards have much lower noise pollution for them. Not to say null. With the progress of the two technologies, however, the separation is no longer so clear. The membrane keyboards have progressed a lot on the reactivity side, but we note above all significant improvements in the noise of the mechanics with much more discreet models. One last thing all the same that could tip the scales: diaphragm models are often significantly cheaper than mechanical ones.

Full width, TKL or 60%?                

The other essential question that must be asked when buying a keyboard and which, moreover, arises even if it is not a question of a gaming device, is what size? Do we allow? There are indeed several formats from “full width” and its 105/109 keys to the most compact products, barely 20 centimetres wide, and not at all suitable for video games. So that the mouse is closer to the keyboard and that we have less to spread the arms, the TKL – or tenkeyless – models are generalized. They are also more practical since their volume and weight make them easily transportable accessories. On the other hand, it is then necessary to make a cross on the numeric keypad. If it’s still too big, 60% / 75% models for players have appeared. They are still few in number, but less rare than before and we have also retained one in our selection.

Macros, Anti-Ghosting and N-Key Rollover

What barbaric terms for those who are not used to the gaming world! Behind each of them is actually a feature that should not be overlooked when making your choice. The principle of macros is very simple: generally via software, you choose a series of keys or a combination which will then be assigned to a particular key. Then simply press the said key for the combination to execute on its own. It’s true, some people equate this to cheating, but it’s also devilishly comfortable! Note that some keyboards integrate keys specifically dedicated to macros.

Anti-ghosting and n-key rollover is two relatively similar features insofar as they relate to the ability of the keyboard to respond well to player requests. The anti-ghosting is there to avoid a technical defect of old keyboards which used little advanced grids to manage the keys. In fact, we sometimes found ourselves activating a key without having pressed it. Today, all modern keyboards are equipped with it. For the n-key rollover it’s a little different: it’s about being able to press several keys at the same time without the keyboard locking up. An n-key rollover allows it on all the keys at the same time whereas a 6-key rollover is a frequent limit which is satisfied with the most used keys.

A few remarks to finish

As you can imagine, there are many other things that we may want to check before buying a keyboard and without claiming to be exhaustive, we will now make a small list of what we think is interesting on a gaming model. … While keeping in mind that it could also lead to a lot of seizure.

Best Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboards

Thus, we have a soft spot for models with a USB pass-through port. It is simply a matter of offering a USB port on the keyboard in order to allow the connection of a USB key, or even a mouse. It is obviously not essential, but turns out to be very practical to use and when you have tasted it, it is difficult to do without it.

The backlight is perhaps even more important or, rather, more difficult to forget when you have experienced it. Unfortunately, at this level, it is very difficult to give advice. However, we suggest that you favour RGB models rather than those with a fixed colour unless you have been able to test the colour. Some keyboards actually only have blue or red for example. Note also that the options for customizing the backlight are often linked to the quality of the software designed by the keyboard manufacturer.

Best Silent Keyboard

Perhaps a little less fashionable than a few years ago, however, wireless gaming keyboards still exist. They must logically integrate a battery whose capacity will obviously have to be checked so as not to run out at the worst time. Note that in the case of gaming use, a battery model can advantageously find its place in the living room, far from the central unit. Note also that a wireless model obviously simplifies the transportability of the product and that it can even have a Bluetooth connection. The advantage is then to be able to use it on a wider range of machines such as a desktop PC, a laptop or even a tablet.


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