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8 Best Wireless Headphones under 10000 in India 2020

8 Best Wireless Headphones under 10000 in India 2020

Wireless headphones and Headsets are the latest trends in the market. Everyone is looking for the best wireless headphones in the their budget. Many People are also searching for the Best Wireless Headphones under 10000 in India 2020. Here we are going to guide you on, which wireless headset to buy in 2020?

Whether it may be earphone, over-ear headset, on-ear headphone, wireless headphone, or any other new technology headset in the market, everyone want to have the best featured & latest headset to flaunt. Headsets are also evolving with technology and the trending headset in the market is wireless headphone or truly wireless headset. Wireless headphones are one of the favorite headphone types in the current market due to its flexibility in use.

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Here, we have shortlisted top eight wireless headphones in the market. Let’s see each wireless headphone’s feature in detail:-

List of best wireless headphones under 10000 in India 2020.

  1. boAt Rockerz 400 Bluetooth Wireless Headphone 

Best Wireless Headphones under 10000

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BOAT is one of the well-known brands for headphones or music accessories. Hence, just from the reliability background, the Boat is considered as the best wireless Earbuds in India 2020 or best wireless headphones under 5000. So it’s high time for the super extra bass and crystal clear sound quality. This is the headphone with super extra bass. It has the good playtime of 8 hours. You get foldable ear cups that make it easy to use and carry. The headset is also lightweight and of 109 grams.

The device has Bluetooth connectivity to operate. This also has 100 hours of standby time. It is compatible with all mobile devices, laptops, and tablets. It has in-built microphone with noise cancellation feature. The Bluetooth headphone comes with an operation range of 10 meters. It has one year of warranty. You would be amazed with its super bass quality and HD sound clarity. The battery is rechargeable. The Li-polymer battery is good to get good playtime.

Why should you buy BOAT Rockerz 400 Bluetooth Headphone?

  • Excellent bass quality
  • Easy control on the ear cup
  • Portable, foldable and light weight design
  • Excellent noise cancellation
  • Has 8 hours of playtime
  • Good features in budget
  1. Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones with Powerful Bass & noise cancellation

Best Wireless Headphones under 10000

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MI is again the most popular brand for headphones nowadays. MI has come a long way from mobiles to headphones. It is the most reliable brand for headphones. This is the best wireless headphones under 6000 in India. You can also refer to MI as the most trusted brand for headphones in India. Let’s see the best features headphones details below.

It has super-powerful bass and a good playtime of 20 hours. The earmuffs are soft and pressure less that makes you use them with ease for long durations. The earmuffs are also crafted with soundproof PU material which is good for the long time users. Also has voice assistance. It has a 40 mm dynamic driver specially designed for bass lovers. It is also considered as one of the light weight headsets. The weight is 150 grams. It connects with Bluetooth 5.0 with improved speed and greater range.

Why should you buy Mi super bass wireless headphones?

  • Best noise cancellation feature
  • Equipped with voice assistance
  • Reliable brand
  • Super powerful bass
  • Pressure-less ear muffs
  • Voice assistant
  • Playtime of 20 hours
  • Comfortable for long duration use
  1. JBL T460BT Extra Bass Foldable Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Best Wireless Headphones under 10000

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JBL is the prime brands when we talk about music accessories. One of the most trustworthy brands for headphones and has good reviews for many of its previous products. This would be the best wireless headphones under 10000 in India 2020. So enjoy the super listening experience through JBL.

These are the best on-ear wireless Bluetooth headphones in the market. The playtime is also good and of 11 hours. You get the control buttons for call and volume settings near ear cups. It is one of the light and comfortable headsets in the market for long time use. It is compatible with all devices like, audio player, laptop, mobile, tablet. With its detachable cable you can also use it as a wired headset sometimes. It also possesses the in-built microphone.

Why should you buy JBL T460BT extra bass wireless headphones?

  • Possess super extra bass
  • Flat-foldable, Comfortable and lightweight
  • Has playtime of 11 hours
  • Good compatibility
  • Call and music controls on ear cup
  • In-built mic and control buttons
  1. Infinity (JBL) Glide 500 Wireless Headphones with voice assistance

Best Wireless Headphones under 10000 Rupees

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This is again an attractive wireless headphone in the market that has very good sound quality and excellent playtime. The device is with deep bass and dual equalizer and can be counted into the best wireless headphones under 10000 in India 2020. You get the deep bass output through its dual equalizers. It can be operated with Bluetooth streaming.

It has a playtime of 20 hours which is quiet super good.  It is designed as foldable and lightweight. The control buttons and voice assistance gives you a hands free calling experience. The ear cups are equipped with soft cushion cups. It is the most lightweight headphones and weighs 104 grams.

Why should you buy Infinity (JBL) Glide 500 wireless headphones?

  • Attractive in looks, lightweight & foldable design
  • Equipped with voice assistance system
  • Google Now and Siri access
  • Comfort Cushions
  • Deep bass sound
  • Has 20 hours of playtime
  • In-built microphone and hands-free calling experience
  1. Zebronics Zeb-Thunder Wireless BT Headphone with FM Radio 

Best Wireless Headphones under 10000 Rupees

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Zebronics is the last product in our list of best wireless headphones under 10000 in India 2020. This wireless headphone is also one of the popular wireless headphones in the market. Let’s see the detailed product information below.

The headphone comes with the large and comfy ear-cups to use it for long-duration use. It also has a soft and adjustable headband that makes it more comfortable. The headset playback is supported with Bluetooth. You can also use the FM channels with the in-built FM tuner. The playback time is of 9 hours. You can get the charging time as 2.5 Hours.

It comes with built-in rechargeable battery. Headset is equipped with volume and call control buttons. You get the wireless range of 10 meters. It is also considered as the lightweight headset in the market with 142 grams of weight. You can also use FM radio, micro SD cards or AUX functions with the zebronics wireless headphone

Why should you buy Zebronics Zeb-Thunder wireless headphones?

  • Attractive and trendy look
  • Supports micro SD card
  • Adjustable headband
  • Aux-function and built-in FM radio
  • Wireless Bluetooth
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Both wired and wireless use competence is available
  1. SONY WH-CH510 Wireless Headphone with HD sound quality

Best Wireless Headphones under 10k

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SONY is everyone’s favorite brand when we talk about headphones or any music-related accessories. This is the most popular and nicely fitted over-ear headphones. The ear cups so rest on your ears that you ears you also get space to breathe. So these are the most comfortable headphones in the market. It delivers top-notch HD sound quality. It gives you a fully-balanced audio experience. The headband is comfortable and adjustable to stay secure on your head. The headset weighs 277 grams so it is quite lightweight.

You can also connect it with Bluetooth. The fit and build quality is excellent. You can even connect it to PS4 so gives a great compatibility. Headphone comes with in-built mic. The headset delivers a competitive playtime of 35 hours. So only have to charge it once in a week.

Why should you buy SONY WH-CH10 wireless headphones?

  • Reliable and trustworthy brand
  • Good HD sound quality
  • Fully-balance audio experience
  • Good voice-assistant compatibility
  • Easy operation with buttons
  • Easy hand-free calling
  • All day power and quick charging
  • Excellent playtime
  1. Plantronics BackBeat GO 410 Wireless Headphones with active noise cancellation system

Best Wireless Headphones under 10k

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Plantronics is also one of the must-have items in the shortlist list for headphones. Though we can see many expensive headphones from Plantronics on the internet we have brought this one wireless headphone under 10000 in India in our top eight wireless headphones in India under 10000. It is small, compact and lightweight ear buds fits very well into ears. It comes with active noise cancellation Feature and has dual-mode ANC for high and low noise environment.

The device uses Bluetooth 5.0 to connect with the backbeat application. It possesses smart magnetic hibernation sensors to conserve battery life when latching. Dual-use USB charging is available. Also comes with 3.5 mm cable for easy charging or listening. Its bright EQ provides audio customization. The 11 mm drivers give you a deep and rich sound with excellent bass quality.

Why should you buy Plantronics BackBeat GO 410 wireless headphones?

  • Popular and trending brand for headsets
  • Dual mode ANC
  • Immersive audio and longer listening
  • Good sound quality and active noise cancellation system
  • Lightweight and comfortable for long time use
  1. Audio-Technica ATH-S200BTGBL Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones with HD Audio & Foldable Ear cups

Best Wireless Headphones under 10k

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The smart-looking wireless headphones from Audio-Technica are one more popular headphone in the market. This is again one of the best wireless headphones under 10000 in India 2020. The Bluetooth wireless on-ear headphone is a stylish and trendy headset. It comes with the built-in mic at the left ear cup equipped with control buttons for call and volume. It offers excellent, full-range HD audio.

The headphones are light in weight and comfortably fit on ears. The 40 mm drivers are for powerful sound reproduction. This wireless headphone is providing the maximum playtime of 40 hours and 1000 hours standby time. The foldable ear cups make it more travel friendly. The headphones are available in three colors as Gray/Blue, black, and white. These are waterproof so you don’t have to worry if you are carrying it at the seashore. Experience the great sound quality with Audio-Technica wireless headphones.

Why should you buy Audio Technica ATH-S200BTGBL wireless headphones?

  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Easy to carry with its flat folding feature
  • Includes 30cm USB charging cable
  • Full Range HD audio
  • Excellent playtime of 40 hours
  • Foldable ear cups
  • Attractive, comfortable and trendy look

As, we have seen the top eight best headphones in the market under 10000. By referring this list, you can choose your top five wireless headphones under 10000. Now, below we are going to discuss some FAQ’s and Buying Guide for wireless headphones to buy the best wireless headphones in the market. These will clear more of your doubts related to wireless headphones and help you to find the best wireless headphone under 10000 in market.

Buying Guide for Best Wireless headphones Under 10k 

How to buy a headphone is always a question for many people. It is not because they don’t know how to buy but the market has tons of headphones and sometimes it gets difficult to choose from these headphones. This buying guide for headphones will help you to save your time for choosing the right headset for you. Note below points and shortlist your headset.

  • Type of headset/ type of earphone
  • Features & attractive look
  • Bass quality
  • Reliable brand
  • Comfort and Weight
  • Durability
  • Frequency Response
  • Noise isolation/ Noise cancellation
  • Soundstage
  • Open/closed-back
  • Battery Life
  • Collapsible ear cups
  • Water resistance
  • Built-in microphone
  • Price & Warranty

All these above points are mandatory to look out in any wireless headphones to end up selecting the right headset for you. If all the question to the above factor is yes or positive then you are on the right track of selecting the wireless headphones. Now let’s see some FAQ’s for headphones under 10k in India 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions for Wireless Headphones

Sometimes we have many doubts while buying the best headphones in the market. And if you get the expected answers then it becomes easy for you, how to choose the best wireless headphones under 10000 Rupees. So let’s see some of the common questions and their answers related to wireless headphones.

How do I choose the right headphones and earphones?

Always refer to a buying guide for headphones. This will help you on how to proceed for buying the right headset for yourself. Always decide the purpose of buying a headphone this will give you a clear idea of what you should look for in the headphone. And this will lead you to the right track of choosing the best headphones in the market.

Which type of headphone is best?

The headphone market has multiple types of headphones like earphones, on-ear headphones, over-ear headphones, wireless headphones, and truly wireless headphones. So out of this bunch of headphones, you must understand your need and choice, and then you can go for a particular type of headphone. If you need flexibility then you must go for wireless or truly wireless headphones else other wired headsets are also good and in demand.

How long does it safe to use headphones?

It is medically advised that one must not use the headset for a longer period and on high volumes i.e. more than 60% of the volume. So, always use the headphones considering all the safety measures.

Which is better an earphone or headphones?

Both types have their advantages and disadvantages. Earphones are compact, trendy, and easy to use as well as storage. On the other hand, headphones are a little bulky. Sometimes difficult to storage but delivers very good sound quality and comfort while listening to music. Once you put on the headset you don’t have to worry about its position.

How do I maintain my earphones?

Maintaining the headphones or earphones always increases its life. Frequently clean the Earbuds / ear cups. Keep your headphones/earphones in a case. Keep the device away from water, avoid sleeping while earphones on, do not share your headphones/ earphones with other people for better hygiene. This way you can increase the life of your headphone.


After reading the buying guide to choose the Best wireless headphones under 10000 in India and the list of FAQ’s for headphones will definitely help you to get a better idea to choose the best headphone for you. From our editor’s point of view, SONY WH-CH10 wireless headphone which is one of the most reliable brands in India for headsets is the best wireless headphone to buy under 10000 Rupees. We liked it because it has all day power capacity, excellent sound quality, quick charging, Voice-assistance compatibility and easy operations.


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